A Slow Morning

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂 A Slow Morning by Paul Raworth Bennett Still in bed, half past seven, I've been sleepless since four Peering through the darkness at my watch With its pale, glowing face and black, blurry hands Tunneling beneath the sunrise and taunting me Soft grey light seeps … Continue reading A Slow Morning

Kisses Conquering

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂 Kisses Conquering by Paul Raworth Bennett ~ for Bingo ~ Poochie's sleeping, my legs snuggling His head's resting, rarely stirring Maybe dreaming, quietly sighing Dawn approaching, room is brightening Birdsong starting, breezes flowing Sleepy eyes opening, sideways lying First not moving, now I'm stretching My … Continue reading Kisses Conquering