Master of Touch and Flow

Photo: Dad and Jim (his pet crow) at the water pump, early 1940s~ for Richard Bedford Bennett ~a Depression-era prairie child,you touched castles made of sandand grew up humbly on the landplaying with quirky homemade toyswhen big-sky sunsets and sunrisespierced the distant flat horizonsand phantom prairie windswhipped and slowedwhile carving soilsthat crumbled and flowedbetween your … Continue reading Master of Touch and Flow

The Man I Admire

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂 by Paul Raworth Bennett I'm a middle-aged man who has learned over time Just what makes people tick, their rhythm and rhyme More than anyone else there’s a man I admire So I thought I’d describe him in case you inquire Well the first thing … Continue reading The Man I Admire