To Rhyme is Divine

dismissive champions of free verseare wont to scorn and even curseus bards who like our poems to rhymeas ignorant of thoughts sublimebut unlike bingeing on YouTuberhyme makes us solve a Rubik's cubenot plastic squares of red and yellowbut grey matter, like hardened jelloyes rhyming schemes can lead astraythe messages we thought we'd saybut hanging in … Continue reading To Rhyme is Divine


Cranial Creativity Clash

Free verse -that humble, naked love child ofpermission and freedom -gets to happily explorehuge fields of ideas andvast oceans of expression.On the job, it delights in just doodling,and usually creates colourful works of art. Rhythm and rhyme -the clever, smartly-dressed spawn ofperfection and control -are doomed to struggle inswamps of semantics andgrammar jails.Behind a desk, … Continue reading Cranial Creativity Clash

My 19-Part Resolution for 2019

Next year, I will... 1. Give at least 1,000 hugs, commit countless other random acts of kindness, and bring love to every interaction 2. Honor, respect and acknowledge both myself and everyone I encounter 3. Listen more carefully and communicate more thoughtfully 4. Poke fun at myself and litter my world with laughter and smiles … Continue reading My 19-Part Resolution for 2019

Writer’s Lament

by Paul Raworth Bennett It's New Year's Day, I'm uninspired And here I sit - hung over, tired Resolved to write, just peck away For fifteen minutes every day Who knows what stream of words will flow From foggy brains that rarely glow? If gold, how fortunate I am! If dreck, then I don't give … Continue reading Writer’s Lament

The Words

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. :-)The Wordsby Paul Raworth Bennettin my mind liveflocks of colourful wordsoffspring of thoughts and feelings and dreamsspawn of pleasure and painin kaleidoscopic swirls theyhover and dartcaptivating my awareness, lifting my spirits,derailing the train called logical thinkingdissolving my sense of timecreativity has a way ofinspiring my heartigniting … Continue reading The Words


by Paul Raworth Bennett Hassan can, at a handclap, call a vassal at hand and ask that all staff plan a bacchanal. This surprisingly coherent little piece of verbal frivolity is an example of univocalics - a type of constrained writing in which all words use only a single vowel. The brilliant Canadian poet, Christian Bök, … Continue reading Vowelplay

Antifreeze for your brain

by Paul Raworth Bennett Frozen in your tracks... unsure what to do... unable to solve a problem... Raise your hand if you've ever felt this way.  Wow, that's a LOT of hands!  So how can we keep things moving? Well, one of my New Year's Substitutions is to replace overthinking with action (hmm… sounds vaguely familiar…).  … Continue reading Antifreeze for your brain