Vancouver, BC hit by “Animal Rainstorms”

BREAKING: For several days now, from mysterious origins two or three thousand metres in the sky, it's been literally raining cats and dogs in Vancouver, BC. On every block of every street, thousands of drenched, collarless and confused kitties and pooches - of all breeds, shapes, and sizes - can be seen wandering around aimlessly, … Continue reading Vancouver, BC hit by “Animal Rainstorms”


Floppy Puppy Play

by Paul Raworth Bennett 🙂 click here to listen along 🙂 Okay!  Come on, let's play! Let's play, Bingo.  C'mon!! Kisses!  C'mon… kisses! That's a boy!  That's a boy!... Huggie time!… hrrr..rrr… hrrr… hrrr… C'mon, c'mon, let's play!... Floppy, floppy, puppy kisses! rrrr…!  rrrr…!  arrr..rrr!... Hug time!  Come on! hrrr…!  RUFF!! Oh, oh, oh…  okay... … Continue reading Floppy Puppy Play

All Hail Canada’s Hair Apparent!

by Paul Raworth Bennett 🙂 click here to listen along 🙂 Canadian Federal politics just got a lot hairier after yesterday's landslide victory for the Liberal Party's youthful and telegenic leader, Justin "Selfie" Trudeau.  Lock-dreading, tressed-out Tory supporters may just feel like curling up in knots this morning - fit to be dyed, fearing we've just saddled … Continue reading All Hail Canada’s Hair Apparent!


by Paul Raworth Bennett Hassan can, at a handclap, call a vassal at hand and ask that all staff plan a bacchanal. This surprisingly coherent little piece of verbal frivolity is an example of univocalics - a type of constrained writing in which all words use only a single vowel. The brilliant Canadian poet, Christian Bök, … Continue reading Vowelplay