Vancouver, BC hit by “Animal Rainstorms”

BREAKING: For several days now, from mysterious origins two or three thousand metres in the sky, it's been literally raining cats and dogs in Vancouver, BC. On every block of every street, thousands of drenched, collarless and confused kitties and pooches - of all breeds, shapes, and sizes - can be seen wandering around aimlessly, … Continue reading Vancouver, BC hit by “Animal Rainstorms”


Revenge, Foiled.

by Paul Raworth Bennett 🙂 click here to listen along 🙂 Today, I almost did a terrible thing. My dog Bingo and I were taking our usual morning stroll, walking briskly west along an eastbound one-way lane.  As we passed in front of a daycare centre and playground, a row of angled parking spots was on … Continue reading Revenge, Foiled.

The Award Ceremony

by Paul Raworth Bennett 🙂 click here to listen along 🙂 Thinking briefly that he was dreaming - that he wasn't in that packed theatre after all - Remy leaned forwards in his seat, grasped the sides of his walker, and rose unsteadily. Softly taking her husband's forearm, Anaïs began to stand as well. "I'm … Continue reading The Award Ceremony

Monkey Mind, interrupted.

by Paul Raworth Bennett Recently, highly stressful events in my personal life have made me want to improve my relationship with my own mind.  Yep, that's right – between me and my own mind. For much of my life, my mind has gone by the name "Monkey Mind", and he's played some nasty tricks in … Continue reading Monkey Mind, interrupted.