The Ultimate Sweetener

raspberry on teaspoon of sugar

the ultimate sweetener, I am –
but you won’t find me
ripening in sugarcane fields,
living in lush ripe fruit,
dripping in honeyed beehives, or
crystallizing in research labs –
because I, the sweetest
substance in the Universe,
exist someplace else altogether…

I take many forms:
unconditional love, gentle touches
kind remarks, consistent effort
paying attention, chivalrous acts
thoughtful gifts, and little things

I am the kindness you express
towards those whom you hold dear –
those you believe in, care for, yearn for
the ones you miss and kiss
the ones you admire and desire

and I am your acts of generosity
towards fellow human beings –
some who you may barely know
or may even do you wrong

and I am the fountain of creativity
that lives within your soul –
giving strong wings to your passion
and dancing shoes to your heart

the ultimate sweetener, I am –
and this is where you’ll find me:
in kindness, love, and creativity –
your heart’s peaceful citizens
ready, willing, and able
for you to share

– Paul Raworth Bennett


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sweetener

  1. Once you have your mother’s approval there’s no need to search for approval elsewhere, though, I will add that your mother is 100% correct.
    P.S. I suppose this means I like treasure hunts.


    1. How nice to hear from you, S**a*t**! And by the way – those are privacy asterisks, not expletives… 😀 My sense of humor ranges into “quirky”… Anyways, thank you for your kind words (written here, and spoken elsewhere 😉 ) Glad you enjoyed this poem.


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