The Watery Path Not Taken

~~ Chasing the Rainbow ~~

(inspired by Jan LaFountain Melnik)

two curves converged upon the distant shore
where skinny pond engaged with bright rainbow…
I knew a pot of gold would lie in store!
to slosh through water, nothing pleased me more…
but would the magic last? I didn’t know

I wished that I could run that liquid trail
but thought it faster, sprinting on dry sands…
as one ambitious longtime single male,
if quick enough I thought I couldn’t fail
to soon clutch golden mojo in my hands!

and since my hopes would certainly be crushed
if that sweet rainbow faded from the sky,
and terra firma I could always trust
to give a solid footing when I rushed,
I chose a path that kept my sneakers dry

because I did forgo that watery ditch
and not indulge my puddle preference,
I neither tripped nor got a tummy stitch –
and now my dance card’s full; I’m filthy rich!
staying on dry sand made all the difference

– Paul Raworth Bennett


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