I Can’t Breathe, Momma…

~ for George Floyd ~

how miraculous!
ever-present, reliable, obedient
quietly keeping us all alive
inhale, exhale, inhale
rhythmical, dependable
feeding us with life-giving oxygen
removing carbon dioxide
in and out, in and out
in and

I can’t breathe…
Momma!… Momma!… I can’t…
breathe… I’m…


Dear George
you kind and gentle giant
father of five, Perry to some, friend to many
hip-hop artist, rapper, basketball player
community leader, youth mentor
kind, anti-violence activist
your final words will
forever haunt
Oh George, how
I wish that I could unhear
your tragic cries, how I wish I could unsee
your doomed, writhing body
your fading, fruitless gasps
your final twitches
your hazy
rolling back in their sockets
while that vile, evil monster was
erasing you, destroying you
extinguishing your flame
taking all the time
in the world to


while he was
taking nine awful minutes
to send you into the great unknown
I pray, George, you caring soul
I pray your dead Momma
heard your anguished,
slowly fading
and that she walked softly
towards you, smiling, inviting you to Heaven
and now you’re in her silken embrace
and will be forever at peace
and in everlasting
Will that pitiful beast
that murderer who knew full well
what he was doing, will he end up dying
a more gruesome
death than
Will he forever
burn, alone, in the fires of Hell?
From all I’ve learned about you, dear George
about what a kind and loving man
man you obviously were
I know
would never
wish that upon
anyone, for any reason
because one thing you knew, George
is that in the end, love


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