Cranial Creativity Clash

Free verse –
that humble, naked love child of
permission and freedom –
gets to happily explore
huge fields of ideas and
vast oceans of expression.
On the job, it delights in just doodling,
and usually creates colourful works of art.

Rhythm and rhyme –
the clever, smartly-dressed spawn of
perfection and control –
are doomed to struggle in
swamps of semantics and
grammar jails.
Behind a desk, they labour in frustration
producing only white pages.

Rarely kissing cousins,
free verse and rhythm & rhyme more often
square off and clash
in a wrestling match
grappling and tumbling
to the neural canvas
trying to strangle each other in
the minds of neurotic poets,
until eventually
they stand up
dust themselves off
shake hands, and
the ink finally starts to flow.


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