The Man I Admire

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂

by Paul Raworth Bennett

I’m a middle-aged man who has learned over time
Just what makes people tick, their rhythm and rhyme
More than anyone else there’s a man I admire
So I thought I’d describe him in case you inquire

Well the first thing I’ll say is he’s healthy and fit
And he might find things tough but he rarely will quit
And his confidence sets him apart from the herd
But he’s also quite humble and true to his word

Plus he reads many books and is clearly quite smart
And I’m thrilled that he’s blended his mind with his heart
Well this man is so clever with humor and wit
But does making us laugh swell his pride? Not a bit!

He knows all about food and he’s one damn good cook
He can wing it with no need to follow a book
And he’s got a clear vision that helps him to see
All the paths he could take, what his future could be

If you’re currently wondering who is this man?
That I love in a way like nobody else can?
Well I’m pleased to announce without further delay
That he’s my awesome son, and his birthday’s today!

Happy 26th, Eric!


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