Let the Great World Spin

🙂 If you’re here for the first time, just listen (using this audio player) while viewing the painting. 🙂

by Paul Raworth Bennett
(painting: “Let the Great World Spin” by Deborah DeJong)

life is just so unpredictable!
here’s what always seems to happen
i plan my life, work hard, get my act in gear
things seem like they’re coming together nicely
and i feel pretty good!
like life is just one big party
and i’m dancing all night long

and then there’s some big crisis
that shakes everything up
first i’m turning this way
then i’m turning that way
first i’m going up
then i’m going down
it feels like my world is tumbling out of control
while i’m nailed to the arms
of some giant galactic pinwheel

every few months it happens again!
why? how can i stop the world and get off?
i’m flat-out exhausted
can’t fight it
so i surrender my fate, i’ll just
let the great world spin


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