Child’s Play

🙂 If you’re here for the first time, just listen (using this audio player) while viewing the painting. 🙂

by Paul Raworth Bennett
(painting: “Child’s Play” by Deborah DeJong)

excuse me sir! wanna come over here and see what i painted?

i had so much fun painting it that i wanted to LIVE in it
so i closed my eyes and asked an angel if i could live in it
just for a little while
and the angel said abra-cadabra
and here i am! up here near the top, in the middle
can you see me?

you know what’s really cool?
my dad can do this neat trick with an orange
he holds it in one hand and holds a knife in the other
and then he presses the knife into the orange and turns the orange
around and around and around
around and around and around
around and around and around
and that’s how he makes orange spirals
like this one

and then my dad picks them up and puts them in big jugs of water
you can see, those are his fingers way down there
they’re grabbing a BIG spiral!

my dad says the spirals make the water taste better
but i don’t know
i like chocolate milk better than water
my mom makes spirals too
but they’re not as good as my dad’s

why is the sky black only at night?
i wish the sky could be black during the day
and are clouds always only white?
i like making blue clouds
like these ones! floating around at night
floating and floating and floating
maybe i can find a way to make the big day sky black too

and here comes the sun!
is the sun always round?
I like making other suns
square ones, triangle ones
this sun is a big pointy yellow arrow
it’s sticking into the night

and those are the white stars
all getting excited
they’re happy to see the sun
so they’re zooming, zooming, zooming!
around and around and around!
that star there, he got so happy he zoomed upside down
and when he was upside down he smiled up at me!

do you see that star way down there?
he’s zooming around like one of those pointy stars
on the christmas cards that my parents get sometimes
he’s pulling one of my dad’s orange spirals over to some other sky
so i think maybe it’s time to paint something else

i sure hope i don’t have to stay in this painting forever
i want to live in another one
will you help me climb out of here, if i’m stuck?

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