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by Paul Raworth Bennett
~ for Barb Poole ~

A ’59 Cadillac named Zoom
She’s a sexy, magnificent eagle
Her elegant scarlet fins
Yearn for the sky
Her enticing gullwing doors
Herald lofty adventures

With joy and excitement I embrace
Her muscular, feathered neck
My leather boots urge her onward
First left, then right
As we sail the asphalt thermals

Memories shrinking in the mirror
We soar over the desert sands
Of Ignorance and Sloth
Over shriveled cacti holding
Brittle, broken small-town nests called
Homeville, Safeland, and Comfort Hollow

Eventually we alight upon
Magnificent saguaros with
Lush, lively aeries named
Peopletown, Placeville and New Adventure
Where Zoom settles and lays
Golden eggs made of
Openness, Curiosity, and Discovery

And emerging from her gullwing door
I step onto the twigs of New Adventure
Gaze into those exquisite eggs
And the child within me smiles back


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