when I think back upon the years
it always fills my eyes with tears
what luck we had to find a love
as pure as from the skies above

the day won’t come that I’ll forget
the summer camp where we first met
and how from such a fumbled kiss
grew 60 years of wedded bliss

right from the start we knew we would
ensure we both felt understood
the solid bond we did create
turned bad to good and good to great

your every cell I do adore
and most of all your sacred core
the virtues of your giving soul
that holds so well your loving whole

you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin
I feel so blessed by how you’ve been
so great a partner, lover, friend
I’ve hoped our joy would never end

now here we sit in two wheelchairs
just holding hands and saying prayers
my dear, you’ll ever be my wife
long after we depart this life

– Paul Raworth Bennett


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