The Words

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The Words
by Paul Raworth Bennett

in my mind live
flocks of colourful words
offspring of thoughts and feelings and dreams
spawn of pleasure and pain

in kaleidoscopic swirls they
hover and dart
captivating my awareness, lifting my spirits,
derailing the train called logical thinking
dissolving my sense of time

creativity has a way of
inspiring my heart
igniting my mind
breaking the dam
called writer’s block

and releasing
a river of thought
a rush of eager words
down from my brain
out through my fingertips
onto the keyboard, where

they take flight in search of
yearning souls and hungry minds
in which to alight and deposit
the seeds of thoughts, that they might
grow into feelings, emotions, and inspiration

later the words fly back to me
in through my eyes and ears,
back to their nests within my mind
mission accomplished, now they’ve returned
as gratitude, wisdom, and smiles


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