Happy Birthday, Faranak!

The beauty of the zodiac
God brought to earth in Faranak
Who brightened up in many ways
The darkness of my winter days

She can be crazy, loud and wild
She can be tender, like a child
But most of all, a loyal friend
Through thick and thin, until the end

There are within her gorgeous eyes
Ten thousand years of Persian skies
There is a magic in her voice
That quickly made my heart rejoice

I pray that she’ll forever know
No matter where the winds may blow
That God can fill her yearning heart
And make her life a work of art

My New Friend

He loved to ride his bike, did Paul
Across the land, or to the mall
And normally would sunny skies
Delight his nose and ears and eyes

So greatly was his patience tried
On yet another rain-soaked ride
But ‘cuz he braved the awful weather
He met a bonny lass named Heather!

Then they both got from up above
The carefree, wild idea of
Their urban life, abandoning
And moving over to Saltspring