Remy, the Unwitting Electrified Jedi Army

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂

Remy, the Unwitting Electrified Jedi Army
by Paul Raworth Bennett

After decades of fruitless, frantic searching
Remy finally found Heart-Kettle’s electric cord, and
Into a gentle current of warmth and love
He finally plugged it, feeling rather chuffed that
At long last, he’d conquered himself,
And now it was time for tea!

heart-shaped kettle

But then Electric Current, bursting forth from
Three tiny holes in the wall, cried out

NO no NO, Remy, NOO..!!

There’s no time to rest on your laurels, Mister!
Your friend Heart-Kettle has other plans; he’s going to

Clone himself into an invisible charging army of agape-bots
That will fan out across the land
Not house-to-house, but man-to-man
They’ll haul out your brothers’ pain-demons, and
Slay them using compassion-tempered, kaleidoscopic swords!

Jedi warrior Jedi warrior Jedi warrior

Jedi warrior Jedi warrior Jedi warrior Jedi warrior Jedi warrior

Jedi warrior Jedi warrior Jedi warrior

Who said THAT? asked the startled Remy
And Heart-Kettle replied…

Oh, that voice? That was just Current!
He keeps me well-stocked with
Billions of electrons named Love.
Don’t you recognize them, Remy?
They’re very wise, and not so negative, really…
Stay positive Remy, and those electrons will
Always come looking for you!


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