Happy Day (a poem for DH)

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂

Happy Day
by Paul Raworth Bennett

(for DH)

The graceful young woman, her dreamy blue eyes
Reflected the colour of heavenly skies
Her hiking companion, with spirited heart
Did know that their friendship had made a good start

One late summer weekend that Autumn had kissed
The call of the wild was too sweet to resist
They happily spent the whole day roaming free
Inhaling the essence of forest and sea

They broke fast together upon windswept rocks
And cheerfully cast off their shoes and their socks
The skies they did warm up for quite a long time
And bathed the two friends in a glow so divine

They supped on the beach as the fresh air it chilled
They’d had a good day and their tummies were filled
A rainbow of colours was scattered and cast
As Gaia did usher in evening at last


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