Kisses Conquering

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Kisses Conquering
by Paul Raworth Bennett

~ for Bingo ~

Poochie’s sleeping, my legs snuggling
His head’s resting, rarely stirring
Maybe dreaming, quietly sighing
Dawn approaching, room is brightening

Birdsong starting, breezes flowing
Sleepy eyes opening, sideways lying
First not moving, now I’m stretching
My head’s lifting, now it’s dropping

Drool-soaked pillows disappointing
Body twisting, back complaining
Ceiling staring, stupid drinking
My head’s throbbing, red eyes closing

Pooch uncurling, now he’s standing
Slowly stretching, time for conquering
My eyes opening, upwards looking
Pooch above me, face is lowering

Tail is wagging, ears are swinging
Eyes are shining, nose is sniffing
Pink tongue’s flapping, kill’s soon coming
Now I’m laughing, so he’s striking

Sure enough he’s bull’s-eye nailing
Bathroom bolting, in-sink spitting
Mouth I’m rinsing, puppy’s hopping
Happy day is just beginning


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